OneUp Announces NEW V3 Dropper Post

OneUp components will be joining the PON Bike Performance brand line-up in the Suzuka room at this year’s COREbike. Hailing from one of the best mountain bike destinations anywhere in the world – Squamish, British Columbia – the OneUp team know a thing or two about making high-performance parts and have just launched their third generation dropper post to replace the award-winning V2.

Lighter, smoother and more reliable.

Introducing the NEW OneUp Components V3 Dropper Post: An ultra lightweight, high performance, long-travel dropper.

Over 3 years in the making, it’s better than the V2 in every way. It’s lighter, smoother and more reliable. It has the shortest stack and total length of anyother dropper. This isn’t just the longest dropper that will fit your bike. It’s, simply, the best.


The new V3 is the lightest infinitely adjustable dropper on the market at any given travel. It’s even lighter than XC specific lightweight droppers. The V3 is available in the widest range of travel options andsuitable for all rider weights and riding styles.

We simplified and refined the design as much as possible and shaved weight from almost every singlepart to make the V3 Dropper 60 to 70 grams lighter than our V2.The biggest weight savings come fromour new hydraulic cartridge that never needs to be inflated.

The new V3 dropper is 238g lighter than a Reverb AXS, 155g lighter than a Transfer and up to 60glighter than the 2-position Transfer SL.

You can save an additional 10g with our Ti Bolt Upgrade Kit.


Our riders asked for improved seals, reduced playand smoother action. The new V3 delivers all of these performance improvements in a simple, reliable design.

Cartridge: For smoother action, the all-new cartridge requires 75% less lever force when seated and much lessbreakaway force to initiate. That means it’s even quicker and easier to drop your saddle while riding.

Bushings: We upgraded all the bushings to use a low-friction, self-lubricating IGUS material and increasedbushing overlap to further reduce friction. 180-240 drop posts have an additional bushing to further support theincreased overlap.

Seals: We developed a completely new, high-performance collar witha custom SKF wiper seal to keep dirtout and grease in. The new seal and bushings keep the V3 running smoother for longer, with less maintenance.

Pins: To eliminate rotational play without increasing friction, we’ve doubled the number of anti-rotation pinsand added 2 oversized polymer pins.

Routing: Internal

The V3 Dropper Post has been designed to work perfectly with the V3 Remote.


>V3 Dropper Post (post only) £291.99

>V3 Remote £44.99

>V3 Dropper Post + V3 Remote £320.99

Service and Maintenance

>Post can be fully disassembled in less than 10 minutes using only a 14mm wrench, a 5mm hexand 2mm hex (or the OneUp multi-tool).

>No custom tools required and no need to send your post away for maintenance

>No need to adjust or top up air pressure

>Longer service intervals: 120 hours for clean and grease / 350 hours for rebuild

>2 year warranty

Improvements over V2

>60-70g lighter

>75% reduction in breakaway force and smoother actuation

>All new cartridge design

>Compressed stack height is 3mm shorter

>Total length is 10mm shorter

>Increased bushing overlap

>IGUS self-lubricating bushings

>Low friction SKF Seal

>New cartridge is 100% recyclable

New upgrades available for V2

>New V2.1 Collar with SKF Seal upgrade for V2 droppers coming soon

>Ti Bolt upgrade kit is compatible with V2 and is available now for $14.99 USD

>All V2 replacement parts will be available for at least another 5 years

Simply, the best.

We wanted to make the best dropper post for our bikes at a price that we’d pay with our own money.

If you cant wait til COREbike to see the V3 up close, you can check out the launch video now