EOVOLT launch new 2024 range at COREbike


The vintage collections cool retro feel stands out for its style combining metal and leather.

The Vintage range was sold in Eovolt’s home country of France as a limited edition in 2023. Sales of the limited edition were so strong the decision was made to add it to the permanent range for 2024.

The Vintage range will be available in Satin Black and Satin Blue from April 2024.


Eovolt goes premium for 2024

2024 see’s Eovolt mark a clear line in the sand between the company of old that leaned on far-eastern catalogue sourcing and a business intent on designing, reshoring and revitalising from its own Lyon headquarters. Eovolt are innovators in the folding ebike category with its own in house research and development team of engineers at its HQ in Lyon France.

The Pro Range has been 18 months in the making and has resulted in the brands own proprietary design bikes featuring no less than 39 design/spec improvements and 6 design patents.

One of the standout features are a new frame with patented auto locking hinges that snap into place with a reassuring clack to let you know your ready to roll.

The bike can be unfolded in less than 5 seconds.

The frame also has a built in battery locking system that has been jointly designed with the lock specialists Abus.

Folding bikes always suffer from marking up as they are repeatedly folded/unfolded and parts of the frame rub on each other. Another clever part of the Pro bikes design is that no part of the frame can touch each other during the folding/unfolding process meaning your bike will still look in great condition after years of use.

16” Frame and Battery
The problem with 16” wheel folding bikes can be that they can feel small, not fit taller riders and tend to have a smaller battery range.

The Morning Pro 16” frames geometry has been redesigned with a longer wheelbase (same as Afternoon 20”) which has resulted in the bike fitting the same height riders as the 20” bike, better ride stability and also uses the same 360wh battery as the 20” bike giving it a range of up to 80km

GPS Tagging
The frame has been designed with a hidden location to store an Apple or Android Air Tag. If your bike moves or is stolen you can be alerted or track down your bikes location.

Eovolt have always believed in housing the battery in the seatpost.

The Pro Range utilises a new patented battery design with a sliding cable in the rear which enables the connector to now be situated on the top of the bike for ease of use.

The connector is also now magnetic further adding the the ease of use and premium feel.

The batteries are now made in France and use the same LG Cells that are used by Tesla.

The battery design now integrates the rear light that runs off the bikes battery.

Motor & Gears
The Bafang rear hub motor features an automatic gearbox giving you the right gear exactly when you need it without you the rider having to give it a seconds thought.

Just unfold your bike, turn the pedals and let the bike change your gear for you.

The drive is delivered through a gates belt drive so no oily chain or complicated maintenance.

Fold & G0
Another patent on the Pro Range is the new fold and go design that securely holds the wheels in place when pushing the bike in its folded form. The clever design means a simple tap on the handlebars releases the bike for unfolding in a matter of seconds.

A newly designed cockpit has a wider sweep handlebar for extra comfort and an integrated SP Connect phone mount. Just buy the SP Connect case for your phone and easily mount your phone to your bike securely.

Centre Kickstand
The new cleverly designed centre kick stand has a number of benefits.

Firstly its hidden away under the bike which keeps the premium look of the bike and secondly which is the most important, the battery is no longer needed for the bike to stand in its folded position.

This results in the bike being significantly lighter when lifting the folded bike without the battery into your car or motorhome.

All lights are now powered by the bikes battery and feature an automatic dusk feature.
If you ride into a tunnel or you are riding as the sun goes down, the lights turn on automatically.

All wheels are now made in Eovolt’s own factory using extruded rims made in France.
This process has made the wheels significantly lighter with a saving of 200gms per wheel.

Other features

> All cables are integrated for clean look of the bike.

> Thru Axle dropouts for ease of removing wheel and clean look of the frame and fork

> New own design folding pedals for better grip

> Recycled plastic mudguards that always flex back into position rather than bend or dint.


First stock of the Pro Bikes is due to arrive in June/July 2024.


> Anthracite Grey

> Smoked Green

> Taupe

> Ocean Blue

Both the 16” and 20” bikes have exactly the same spec so both bikes have the same £2999.99 price point.

Please note this is an image of a prototype and may differ very slightly from the finished product.