Advance registration for COREbike 24 is now closed

Dealers, workshops and the press can still register on the day, but please just bring some form of ID with you.

We cannot issue passes at the show to anyone from the industry who is not a dealer/workshop or a member of the bike press.


The badging system for the 2024 show will once again be print-at-home. Anyone who has received confirmation will receive an email the week before the show which needs to be printed out and brought with you to COREbike - one print out per visitor.

SWITCHING DAY: If you need to switch day for an existing registration there's no need to contact CORE or the hotel by email to let us know. Your badge will work on the other days.

CHANGING STAFF NAMES: If you need to change names of staff coming or add additional staff, you can register them on-site although this may take a while during busy periods.

Please note we cannot change a registration by email.

UNABLE TO ATTEND: There's no need to contact CORE to let us know that someone isn't attending. 

Any dealers or press that have not registered can still do so on the day, but please be aware this could take a while during busy periods. Please just bring some form of ID with you to show your business details. 


If you're a bike brand selling direct and you order P&A from the CORE exhibitors then please just register as a Retailer.

There is no longer an option to register if you are not a retailer, workshop or press. Unfortunately any incorrect registrations as a dealer will be rejected. 

If you're from the bike industry and have a meeting with one of the COREbike 24 exhibitors, they will email the organising team on your behalf to request for a Guest badge to be created.

Please do not arrive on-site if you are not approved and not a dealer or press