Citrus-Lime Cloud POS Smashes 100k Product Listings

Retail EPOS Systems provider, Citrus-Lime is celebrating a major milestone in the development of its Cloud POS product. The company’s automatic product listing platform now has over 100,000 items in its database.


Patrick Adamson, head of the product activation team at Citrus-Lime, said: “The continuing sterling work from the team has resulted in a fantastic achievement that really benefits our clients by saving them huge amounts of time when setting up, and managing, their websites.

“The number of brands we have coming on board is growing at a phenomenal rate. We already work with all the main cycle brands and the list is growing all the time. Suppliers and brands are recognising that Cloud POS maintains the integrity of the data being provided to retailers, ensuring more consistent coverage of each product they supply.”

Designed specifically to combat the drain manually listing products has on a business, Cloud POS automatically updates website pages with fully optimised product data. There is no work involved on the user’s part; Cloud POS does this as soon as stock is booked in, leaving retailers free to concentrate on growing their business.

Data within each listing includes, short and long descriptions, sizes, colours, technical specifications and images. The information collated by Patrick’s team is purposely configured so products can be found when ‘Googled’, providing cycle retailers with a truly multi-channel offer and giving customers the best possible online shopping experience.

Patrick concluded: “Because product data is online as soon as stock hits the shop floor, retailers have longer to sell at full margin, therefore, reducing the prospect of end of season discounting, which no one likes to do. This is a great additional benefit of Cloud POS; every independent bike dealer should have it.”

Citrus-Lime was established by Neil McQuillan in 1999. Although the business started life as a pure tech company, in 2014 he noticed a gap in the market for a complete Point of Sale solution in the independent retailer sector.

As a passionate outdoor enthusiast, Neil set about combining his love of the great outdoors with a talent for all things programming. Over the next two years he invested huge amounts of time, resources and energy in to researching the market to develop software that addresses the everyday issues faced by independent retailers in the cycle, outdoor and equestrian space.

His hard work paid off. Today, Citrus-Lime is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Cloud based Point of Sale systems. Its market-leading Cloud POS forms the foundation of the End-to-End Cloud Retail Solution, designed specifically to help retailers reduce discounting, control cost and inspire loyalty.


Dealers can meet the Citrus Lime in Syndicate room 11 at COREbike 22