Pinpoint showcasing three new EOVOLT bikes at COREbike 22

It’s clear that French eBike brand Eovolt have been very, very busy during the pandemic with three new bikes arriving to market imminently and a raft of announcements around the production of their frames and upgrades to the componentry used on all models. Pinpoint CE are the UK distributor for the brand and are at COREbike in Syndicate S4 ready and waiting to show off what Eovolt have to offer in 2022.

2022 Eovolt folding electric bikes 
In 2021 Eovolt had multiple models in 16” and 20” wheel sizes with standard and premium specification choices. For 2022 the range is condensed to three models across three different wheel sizes taking all the best premium features from the 2021 bikes.

This once again features 16” and 20” fully folding electric bikes with the addition of a brand new 24” compact step through semi folding eBike.

Eovolt Morning 16” folding electric bike
Compact, Lightweight folding eBike featuring 16” wheels ,5 levels of assistance, 4 gears, hydraulic disc brakes and seat post battery with up to a 50km range. Perfect lightweight nippy eBike for getting round city’s and can be easily combined with other forms of transport. Detailed specs can be found here – Eovolt Morning 16″ Folding Electric Bike (Due April 2022) – eovolt. The first stock is due April 2022

Eovolt Afternoon 20” folding electric bike
The Afternoon is a compact 20” folding e bike featuring 20” wheels, 5 levels of assistance, 7 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, suspension front fork and seat post battery with up to 100km of range. The bike is equally at home in the city as it is on the bridleways and canal tow paths. The suspension front fork combined with the wide tyres make this the adventure folding e bike you have been waiting for. Detailed specs can be found here – Eovolt Afternoon 20″ Folding Electric Bike – eovolt. In stock now.

Eovolt Evening 24” Compact Step Through Semi Folding electric bike
A brand new model for 2022 is the Evening 24” compact step through semi folding eBike featuring 24” wheels, 5 levels of assistance, 7 gears, hydraulic disc brakes and seat post battery with up to 100km of range. The compact step through eBike with folding attributes that also gives you a great storage solution. No more handlebars and pedals protruding make it great for storing in your apartment, motorhome or on your vehicle cycle rack. Detailed specs can be found here – Eovolt Evening 24″ Compact Step Through Semi Folding Electric Bike (Du – eovolt. First stock due February 2022

Eovolt 2022 Pricing
At a time when most brands are suffering from significant price increases for 2022 Eovolt in France and Pinpoint have worked hard to keep the price increases to a minimum and in the case of the 20” Afternoon bike the price has come down by £150 against the similar spec 2021 model.

Eovolt Take Control Of Their Own Frame Manufacturing For 2022
Eovolt now proudly manufacture their own frames to ensure the highest specification, quality control and premium finish on their new 2022 Morning, Afternoon and Evening bikes and are not to be confused with cheap Chinese generic inferior imitations.

Hand Polished Welds
The frames now feature smooth hand polished welds with minimalist rendering which give high tensile stiffness to enhance the frames strength and performance while also giving a premium super smooth finish.

Internal Cable Routing
The frames also now utilise internally routed cables that give the bikes an even cleaner more stylish look.

Matt Coating
Continuing the premium look and feel Eovolt frames now feature a new matt coat finish in various contemporary stylish colours.

New Pastel Colours
After extensive research in various industries Eovolt have launched their own unique bespoke on trend colours for the new range of bikes. Customers have five options to choose from including Sage Green, Moon Grey and Ocean Blue.

For 2022 Eovolt have invested in their own mould of tyre featuring extra puncture protection and reflective safety stripe on the side walls. The tyres are produced by CST and along with the specification improvements there is the extra benefit of securing the required production of tyres for the whole season.

For 2022 Eovolt have also invested in their own wheel building machinery, so all wheels are now produced in their factory in France using extruded rims that are also sourced in France.