Hotlines COREbike 2019 preview: part 1

For dealers pondering whether to expand or refresh their product line-up next year, the team at Hotlines have compiled a timely reminder of their stable of brands for us.

We’ve taken a quick look through some of the highlights they will have on display at Whittlebury and for this first roundup, the focus is on the best bike offerings appearing at COREbike. Needless to say, this will not be a selection of bread and butter hybrids, but a line-up of finery covering the worlds of road, gravel, MTB and Electric.

Making off road bikes is Niner’s one and only love, their heart and soul, out there on the trail or the road less travelled. 100% committed to impeccable designs and exquisite ride quality. It’s a dedication they wish to share with you on every ride.

Possibly best known for being at the forefront of the 29er movement, Niner Bikes now have a succinct range that covers nearly every off-road discipline from the RLT, for the road-less-travelled, to the RIP9 all-mountain bike.

RLT 9 Steel – 4 Star Ultegra
RRP £3699.99

Wilier Triestina
Wilier have been producing bicycles in the North of Italy for well over a century. You’d forgive them for slowing down a little at this grand old age perhaps. Instead of relying on heritage and prestige though, they continue to innovate, test and develop and 2019 sees the release of some exciting new models.

Wilier’s first e-road bike changed the way we think about e-bikes. At 11.9kg it’s significantly lighter than the e-bikes we’ve become familiar with over the last few years. With styling borrowed from the Cento10 range you’ll struggle to spot this wolf in sheep’s clothing when lined up against its non-motorised stablemates. #eroad is here.

Cento 1 Hy Ultegra Di2
RRP £5199.99

Ghost have been producing bikes for 25 years now. In that time trends, standards and designs have come and gone, all the while Ghost have continued to innovate and develop industry-leading models.

Take for example the SL AMR or its e-bike counterpart the Hybride SL AMR. Taking advantage of modern shock capabilities, the full SL AMR range now comes equipped with coil shocks for the most responsive ride on any trail bike, and both models have already been well received by riders and media alike.

Hybride SL AMR S3.7+
RRP £5,599.99

Some of you may remember Nukeproof from its 1990s origins, but it’s fair to say the brand has come a long way (both technically and geographically) since those early Michigan days of titanium frames and carbon hubs. Now designed and developed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the brand gained a reputation for strong, reliable bars, stems, pedal and wheelsets and other components.

The jewel in Nukeproof’s crown though must be the Mega. Originally inspired by the Mega Avalanche in France, this bike has racing in its DNA and has just been piloted to two world championships under Sam Hill and Elliott Heap (U21) in the Enduro World Series. Available with 27.5” or 29” wheel sizes and specs ranging from £2,599.99 to £4,999.99.

Plus, the Mega 275 Carbon Pro has just been awarded 10/10 by MBR (Jan 2019 Issue)!

Mega 275 Carbon Pro
RRP £4199.99

Fuji can trace their heritage all the way back to 1899 and started producing their own bicycles in 1919. After a century it’s not the number of years that’s important to them, it’s what they can show as a result of those years. The success of the brand is founded on innovative research and design processes based on the needs of professional athletes, and then applying that information to every type of ride.

For 2019 Fuji have made some exciting new changes to the range including an all new Transonic. UCI approved, available with or without disc brakes, featuring fulling integrated cables and all new Kamm tail aero tube profiles.

Transonic 2.1 Disc
RRP £4,699.99

Rondo certainly burst onto the scene last year with their range of Ruut (pronounced “root”/”route”) gravel bikes gaining multiple excellent reviews and a Eurobike Award. For 2019 the range expands to include new Ruut models as well as the brand new Hvrt (say “hurt”) range of bikes.

Like the Ruut, the Hvrt will be available in alu, steel and carbon builds with prices starting at £1,599.99 for the AL, and rising to the beautifully spec’d and gorgeous looking CF Zero for £5,599.99. The Hvrt features Rondo’s twin tip fork technology too, allowing riders to adjust the ride from aero racer to comfortable B-road bomber by raising or lowering the front axle position.

Hvrt CF Zero
RRP £5,599.99

NS Bikes
NS Bikes have been making complete bikes since 2007 and the range available has now matured into a line-up that includes DH, Enduro, hardcore hardtails, gravel and of course a handful of bikes form their dirt jump roots. The story of the company’s progression is quite something and if you’ve met founder and CEO, Szymon Kobylinski at one of the Hotlines trade shows you may already know some of it.

The headline for the 2019 range has to be the all new Define. Featuring a brand new all carbon frame and rolling on 29” wheels this bike has some cool features too. Like a cable track on the underside of the downtube that gives the clean aesthetic of internal routing but without the blood, sweat and profanities in the workshop. It’s also supplied with reach adjust headset cups and the geometry and travel can been changed from 130 to 150 and back by swapping the shock and mount.

Define 150 1
RRP £5,399.99

Sister brand to NS Bikes and Rondo, Creme bicycles are designed and hand built in Europe. Their bikes are simple and accessible to all, but at the same time they are a form of art, a tribute to the love for materials, details and craftsmanship.

The most popular model in the women’s Caferacer. Inspired by French bicycles of the 50’s and 60’s and built around a characteristic “mixte” frame with double top tube that is manufactured using traditional methods: steel, lugs and brazing.

CafeRacer Doppio
RRP £899.99

Don’t tell anyone, but guess who’s back? That’s right, Ragley bikes will return to the trails once again in 2019 with an all new range, and we don’t just mean new colours and specs. For 2019 all the old favourites are back with new geometry and updated frame features (about time the Piglet got a bolt through rear axle right)! Plus, there are two brand new additions to the line-up but if you want to know what they are you’ll have to come to COREbike!

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