ZyroFisher – looking ahead (part 3)

The final part of the preview of ZyroFisher’s presence at COREbike 2019 covers their bike and parts and accessories brands.


ZIPP are the pioneers of aerodynamic technology that dates back to the late 1980’s. The unique R&D development enables Zipp to push the boundaries that everyone else follows. However Zipp is still the only brand that has visible signs of aerodynamic control and the 303 NSW Disc Brake is a fine example. The AeroBalance™ ABLC SawTooth™ Dimple pattern are etched on the rim and truly shows the efforts of fine detail Zipp work towards. Now available in tubeless, which means every rider will also have the benefits of less rolling resistance.
SRP £2678

Campagnolo – BORA WTO

The Bora has become the gold standard in carbon racing wheel solutions for many reasons ranging from reactivity, handling and featherweight yet reliable construction. How¬ever, it is wind, or rather penetrating that wind, that gives the wheel its name as aerodynamics are such an important part of its performance. The Bora WTO project took this portion of the wheel’s DNA as a central design focus and the Campy Tech Lab dedicated its energies towards push¬ing the limits of aerodynamic efficiency even further. The result of this task force’s labour comes in the form of two wheels, the Bora WTO 77 and Bora WTO 60.

The new acronym, which stands for WIND TUNNEL OPTIMIZED, is fitting as the line of wheels with whom it is associated incorporate a design that emerged from a Campagnolo engineering task force wholly dedicated to making the most efficient wheels possible in terms of overcoming and reducing resistance. Such a task saw the engineering team spending as many hours in the wind tunnel as in the office, hence the moniker of WTO. The new wheels maintain the classic performance ingredients of their Bora predecessors and counterparts yet add unique design features that will set new standards for aerodynamic efficiency.
SRP £1929.99

San Marco Selle

At San Marco Selle each saddle reflects the excellent craftsmanship of the company that makes us authentic interpreters of Made in Italy. Combining an undisputed heritage with the technological innovation of materials and processes, we are able to produce iconic products that distinguishes us from the others. No full integrated with the ID Match fit system, there is a saddle within the 2019 collection to fit any rider.
Shortfit Supercomfort – £99.99 – £144.99

New for spring 2019. The new Shortfit Supercomfort saddles are the result of combining the features of the most successful new saddles from last season. Shortfit quickly became a best seller and combining this with the added features of extra padding & gel inserts creates new models that will certainly become a modern classic.


Formed in 1952, Panaracer began manufacturing rubber products for a variety of commercial and consumer applications. Since then, we began to exclusively produce bicycle tyres so we could carefully focus on producing the finest tyres available today.

Panaracer is the last Japanese manufacturer still producing bicycle tyres in Japan. We feel that maintaining our domestic production insures that our quality control remains at the highest levels.

Romero & Aliso TLC MTB Tyres – £49.99

New for spring 2019 the Romero and Aliso MTB tyres are the perfect pair for Enduro & DH riding. Romero built for all conditions with Aliso designed for softer, loose conditions. Both models are Tubeless Compatible, have a triple compound rubber with superior puncture protection thanks to Panaracers Anti Flat Casing and Bead Filler Technology. Available from February 2019. 


Feel the X-Perience

LOOK constant desire to innovate and improve your product experience has resulted in a design that is dependable, durable and easy to use. Our new mountain-bike pedals are constructed around a heavy-duty mechanism that is resistant to the negative effects of coming into contact with various external factors (rocks, roots, mud…), and provides consistent and reliable performance over time. The spindles, equipped with a double weather-resistant seal, have been improved to withstand even the worst conditions you may encounter during your rides. We have remained devoted to the principles that guide us daily. Fewer hassles mean more time to ride, and therefore, more fun.

Range spreads from XC & Gravel focused pedals starting at £45 peaking with the flagship X-Track Carbon Ti at £180 currently being ridden to success in Cyclo Cross races internationally by both Tom Pidcock and 2018 World Champion Wout Van Aert

LOOK 795 Blade RS

There was a time when aero road bikes only focused on aerodynamics, but this time has passed and the 795 BLADE RS is LOOK’s iteration of a bike that fulfils all road cyclists dreams.

The 795 BLADE RS cuts through the air, provides unmatched stiffness to weight ratio in the aero bikes category and it maintains traction where other bikes fail thanks to an innovative rear triangle design and large tire clearance. Rim brake and disc brake versions are available so that no matter which braking system the cyclist prefers there will be a 795 BLADE RS for him.

In summary, the 795 BLADE RS is packed with so many features that assure it is the fastest, smoothest and most versatile bike LOOK has ever made.

Vittoria – No Compromise

Vittoria have been taking performance to the next level by producing the best and fastest tyres in the world. On display at Core Bike will be the very best of Vittoria’s market leading, G+ Graphene Road, MTB, Cyclo-Cross tyre ranges. Along with the brand new Air-Liner tubeless tyre insert and Elusion Carbon wheelset!

Selle Italia – Enjoy your ride

Selle Italia have been leading the way in saddle design for 120 years, providing innovative, high quality saddles with an industry leading fit system – the idmatch Smart Caliper – to find the perfect saddle for you. Whether that saddle is from the X-LR off-road collection or the cutting edge SP-01 Boost or Novus Boost ranges, Selle Italia has a saddle to optimise your performance, comfort and style.


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