ZyroFisher – looking ahead (part 2)

For the second round up of ZyroFisher’s mega-sized brand offering at this year’s COREbike, it’s the turn of nutrition, trainers, tools, locks, lubricants, cleaners, kids trainers and bike bags.

OTE – Goodness in = Greatness Out

OTE create sports nutrition and healthy snacks using natural ingredients which are great tasting, kind on your stomach, easy to use and super effective, delivering performance when you need it most. Maximise your workout with OTE’s brand new Apple Energy Gels or give yourself a boost with the new OTE Vegan Apple & Cinnamon Anytime Bar and sustain your performance.


Hotly anticipated as one of the most sort after fitness products for 2019. The revolutionary Neo Smart bike is designed to create an unprecedented, one of a kind and immersive experience. It is equipped with vivacious features like virtual shifting, gear feel and descent simulation. It is without question the most innovative smart bike offering the most realistic cycling experience possible. Compatible with most popular applications from Tacx, TrainerRoad and Zwift.
SRP £2299

New Switch Wrap

Imagine if you could bring a tool box with all the essentials you’d need for bicycle maintenance with you on every ride. Well then, stop dreaming: the Switch Wrap is already here. Spec’d with our Big Switch multi tool, the Switch Wrap provides you quick access to everything you’ll need to fix just about anything that could go wrong on a ride.
SRP £36.99

Big Switch Mini-tool

The Switch Tool has evolved. We’ve all heard “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, but what if riders just want to fix more things? Enter the Big Switch, the larger sibling to the hit Switch tool.
SRP £27.99

The CamelBak Podium® revolutionised the sport bottle by offering an innovative design that simplifies high performance hydration. Lightweight, easy-squeeze bottles with a self-sealing Jet Valve that eliminates spatters and spills and a positive lockout for leak-proof transport.

Updated for 2019, with improvements in shape and cage compatibility, alongside enhanced cap ergonomics.All bottles are TrueTaste, so you can taste your water and not your bottle. 100% free of BPA, BPS and BPF.

Now available to order with impactful bottle shaped in-store POS.

SRP £10.99 – £22.99


For 2019, ZyroFisher have updated their Hamax childseats and trailers, with a wider range and lower prices. The childseat range sees the welcome return of the Mumsnet Best-In-Test Caress seat, in frame fit and rack mounted versions, both priced at £129.99, alongside price reductions across the rest of the line down to the best-selling kiss at £54.99srp.

The Hamax trailer range expands to 2 models, featuring an updated Outback with recline function, and the competitively priced Avenida starting at £449.99srp. Both models are available in twin or single child versions.

Visit the Hamax booth at COREbike where a brand expert will take you through the range.


Proudly made in Germany, the market-leading, reliable and trustworthy SKS brand has been enhanced with a number of innovative new products for 2019.

Firstly, the new SKS Explorer, Racer and Traveller seatpacks and frame bags showcase a supreme level of workmanship, all being constructed with durable, water-repellent fabrics to resist rainwater and dirt, priced from only £16.99srp.

Approved by SQLab, leader in Performance Based Ergonomics, the new super-stable but nonetheless compact SKS Airstep foot pump provides effortless pumping performance up to 102psi / 7 bar, with significantly less stress on your upper body.

Lastly, SKS introduce the phenomenal new Speedrocker to the U.K. market, a mudguard set specifically developed for gravel, adventure and cyclocross bikes, and road bikes with tyres from 32mm – 42mm.

Visit the SKS booth at Core for expert guidance on all aspects of this brilliant brand.


Renowned for their cutting-edge, research-driven performance nutrition products, TORQ are introducing a wholesome new range to cater for the recreational rider and outdoor enthusiast in 2019. Their 3 new organic, vegan-friendly TORQ Explore Flapjacks are the first in a growing range of products that are being developed to fuel this market. Visit the TORQ booth at Core to try out these delicious new bars plus any of the other items from the Performance range – an expert will be on hand to answer all your nutritional, fitness and training queries.

The Fenwick’s brand of bike maintenance products goes from strength to strength in the U.K. market as their sponsorship of teams and events across all cycling disciplines continues to grow. For 2019, the product range sees the addition of their popular Protection spray in a new 250ml trigger bottle, £21.99 srp. Visit the Fenwick’s booth at COREbike for expert guidance on the most effective, bike-friendly range on the market.

Hiplok SPIN

In stores early 2019, SPIN features our award winning wearable design, but now with the convenience of a 4 digit combination lock. Hiplok SPIN will appeal to the everyday rider looking for the most practical combination of security and portability at a great price.
SRP £34.99

14MM Premium Security D-Lock Gold Sold Secure

Master Lock Premium Security D-Locks deliver re-assuring security with features to protect your ride.

This includes: A thick 14mm hardened steel shackle to resist cutting. The shackle is also manufactured from specially treated hardened steel giving it even more strength against attack. The superior dual locking mechanism is made to withstand both pry and pull attacks.

The high security disc cylinder is very difficult to pick and has an anti-drill plate to withstand drill assaults. For ease of use the D-Lock has an excellent shackle clearance of 280mm x 110mm. The lock has an anti-dust keyway shutter to protect the mechanism from everday dust, dirt and grime. The shackle has a rubber cover to prevent scratching. A robust carrier bracket is included for convenient storage.

• Supplied with 4 keys
• Master Lock Lifetime Guarantee against mechanical failure
• Sold Secure Bicycle Gold
• Master Lock Security rating 12/25
SRP £57.99


Ride Hard, Clean Easy. WD-40 is a problem solving brand that offers a comprehensive range of products designed to solve a specific need, and keep your bike working whatever the conditions.

The WD-40 Bike Specific range includes a biodegradable bike cleaner that is specially formulated to be safe and effective on all surfaces such as titanium, aluminium, steel, chrome, rubber or plastic. Unlike some citrus based cleaners it is also safe to use on carbon fibre as well! Bike Specific formulations of degreaser and lubricants complete the range for the most commonly used bike care products.

The Original Multi Use Product – Perfect for E-Bike protection
Electronic circuits don’t like water! Protecting your E-Bikes electrical system with our water dispersant will leave a protective layer on the circuitry and any cable connections reducing any risk of electrical failure. WD-40 Multi Use Product has a dielectric strength of 38kv so is safe to use on your E-bike or E-shifters, protecting them from water ingress following cleaning and future use whilst riding in typical UK riding conditions.

WD-40 Specialist products are a line of best-in-class, speciality maintenance products, that have been formulated to give professional mechanics the performance they need to get their specific jobs done right.


Over the years GT85 has grown to become THE most ubiquitous multi-purpose lubricant used in Bike Shops all over the UK. It’s often fondly referred to as ‘the smell of bike shops’ and has a very loyal following of cyclists and end users. The philosophy of striving to deliver high performance products that cover a wide range of needs was instrumental in our approach to our dedicated products for use on the Bike. The GT85 BIKE range has been developed by our R&D team in consultation with technical experts and professional cyclists. Our initial range includes; Degreaser, Disc Brake Cleaner, Bike Wash, Wet and Dry Lube and a Silicone Shine. All products have been developed to compete against the toughest conditions, enabling riders to perform, consistently, at their highest level.

The PTFE in GT85 Original reduces friction, wear and energy consumption on components, improving operating efficiency with each application. That same successful formula is what you find in every can of GT85 today.


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