Kids Ride Shotgun reveal three new products at COREbike

The kids are our future” is a slogan that gets thrown around a lot, but as we all work in an industry that relies on kids discovering a love for cycling (and not screens), this couldn’t be more apt. Well today the future is looking bright as we’re excited to introduce 3 new products designed to foster a lifelong passion for riding whilst helping kids develop the key mtb skills needed to keep that passion alive.


First in the line up is our Dirt Hero off-road balance bike – a disc brake ready, scaled down enduro machine. The Dirt Hero is designed to unlock the trails for balance bike kids, help them progress smoothly towards pedals, and provide a one size fits all balance bike solution for retailers.


To complement the Dirt Hero we’re also launching a range of kids technical riding jerseys. We’ve blended classic MTB aesthetic with the rad schralping animals from our Shred Til Bed ABC book, stepping away from the traditional style of big brand logos and muted colours to make mountain biking more fun, relatable and engaging for the groms. #


To round out the new product push, we have expanded our front mounted child seat range with the introduction of the Shotgun 2.0, an updated version of our hugely successful original shotgun seat. The ‘no bike modification’ frame mounted design gets a quick release system (on / off in under 30 seconds), increased adjustability and a major face lift. Between the original shotgun seat, 2.0 and Pro seat, there’s now a shotgun seat for every type of customer, with any type of mountain bike.


Make sure to head over to room S1 and chat to Trev or Alex about our new releases and ranging Kids Ride Shotgun in your store – or check out our existing product range over at