Extra UK showcase next generation saddles from Fizik

The designers at Fizik have clearly been very busy with recent updates across their whole saddle range for 2020, but it’s two exciting launch products that have really caught the eye and both will be in the Extra UK room at this year’s COREbike.

Adaptive saddle
Fizik reveals the future of performance cycling saddles with Adaptive, featuring padding Crafted by CarbonTM using Digital Light SynthesisTM technology, a revolutionary 3D printing technology developed by digital manufacturing pioneers Carbon®.

Carbon® has taken 3D printing to a whole new level, enabling us to produce a range of saddles that feature padding made of one material but with seamlessly engineered zonal cushioning, support and power transfer properties. These unique features mean it will be possible in the future to produce saddles tailored to riders’ individual biodynamic data.

Fizik Argo Saddles

Argo is a new range of short-nosed saddles from Fizik, designed to put cyclists into a riding position that allows for greater stability and better weight distribution. There are two versions of the new saddle to suit different riding styles: Vento Argo and Tempo Argo.

Vento Argo is geared more towards racing cyclists, with its dropped nose and ergonomic cut-out to support and aggressive aero riding position, whereas the Tempo Argo is suited more to endurance riders looking for all-day comfort and soft tissue pressure relief. 

Bike Radar had this to say about the Argo: “A superb new take on the short saddle trend that offers a wonderfully comfortable ride.”

Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5
Gravita Alpaca is a mountain bike saddle that provides the control you need for fast, aggressive downhill riding. Developed with the highly successful Santa Cruz Syndicate downhill race team, its World Cup-proven features perfectly complement gravity-oriented bikes, from long travel enduro to pure downhill. Rounded contours won’t interrupt the fast inner legs movements required for downhill control. Co-injected softer edges along the wings and rear-end flex upon impact, protecting legs and soft tissue areas from bruising. And less bulk and a shorter length means it doesn’t get in the way.

Fizik Terra Alpaca X5
The Terra Alpaca is a mountain bike saddle offering support and riding control for full-suspension trail bikes. Designed for all-mountain and enduro riding, Terra Alpaca offers great pedalling support but is also easy to move around on. A gradual transition from nose to wings encourages constant fore and aft position changes, while a slightly waved tail discreetly supports the lower back. The nose is wide and flat, offering a solid platform to push against when tackling steep climbs. And an ergonomic indent relieves soft tissue pressure without interfering with baggy riding shorts. Alpaca saddles are designed to feel right whether the dropper post is extended for pedalling or dropped for descents.

Dealers will find Extra UK in the Grand Prix room at Whittlebury from 26-28 January.



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