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At Silverfish we've always set-out to provide the highest quality bikes, frames and components for every type of rider. We know not everyone tackles a World Cup downhill, Whistler Bike Park or Marathon Enduro every weekend, but this is the testing ground that our products prove themselves on all year round. By listening to team ridiers and putting every component through its paces you know that the products we sell are up to the challenges of your local woods, trail or race scene.

With an ever expanding portfolio of brands, Silverfish has something to offer all IBDs and we would like to take the time to meet all show visitors and walk you through our brands have to offer your store. Representatives from our brands as well as Silverfish staff will be on hand to give you the best and most up to date knowledge and information available.

At Silverfish we work hard and are proud of our website which features our full product line-up as well as up to date news and reviews to keep you up to date.

Visit us in the Bentleys and Murrays Suite te to see our products in the flesh.

Website: www.silverfish-uk.com/

Find Silverfish at corebike in Courtyard Restaurant and Silverstone Courtyard

Silverfish Brands


Like a lot of really smart designs the Chub hub reasoning is pretty simple. Bigger hub shells resist twist from one side of the wheel to the other far better than skinny tubes. If that doesn't sound a big deal then think of all the asymmetric and opposed braking, driving and cornering / landing shearing loads literally trying to tear the hub apart.
Bigger hub flanges also mean shorter spokes which also give a much stiffer, stronger wheel than conventional wheels. This is obvious but
when you add the enhanced triangulation of the spokes offered by the oversized flanged hubs and you will have a track wheel so strong it will pull up the boards.

While test reports and shared stress stats are a convincing
combination, it's riding the wheels yourselves that'll convince you
the massive difference these mammoth hubs can make to your
riding though. So next time you're speccing some wheels, do
yourself a genuinely big favour and get some fat in your wheels.


No frame brand in UK mountain biking has had such a large impact in such a short amount of time.

Super tough bikes for riders that like to go bigger, further and faster. Raced on the UK downhill and XC circuit, born and thrashed on Canada's North Shore.

Silverfish UK imports the full Cove Bikes line-up, including the legendary Titanium Hummer and 650B Hustler.


There's a jewel in the Silverfish crown this season and we've never had more of a buzz about a new product before. Then again the mountain biking world has never seen a totally new brand with as much experience and expertise behind it as DVO Suspension. DVO's Emerald fork has already been blitzing the World Cup DH circuit with Cedric Gracia, but the legendary rider's race feedback is just the final phase of years of development. Development by the same team that once made Marzocchi the smoothest, most controlled and most reliable forks around. DVO have taken the evolution of their decades of experience to a whole new level of performance with a totally no holds barred technology and investment strategy.

Keep an eye out for the new Topaz rear shock which will be hitting the race scene this season joining the high performing Diamond and Emerald DH forks.


They say success breeds success and you don't get much more successful than e*thirteen. The go-to chain control company with more World Cup wins and World Championship stripes than other brands dream of has expanded their range in a revolutionary way.

Their new range of wheels won tests and awards in their first year and their cranksets not only compliment the guides perfectly but are also stand out products in their own right with 30mm axles and a polygonal interface make them very stiff.

Well, what else would you expect from e*thirteen apart from the perfect answer?

Easton Cycling

Easton Cycling is two parts science and one part passion. Born at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, Easton Cycling exists for one reason — to make bikes better. Everything Easton do is based on performance. They embrace new materials, create new technologies and introduce industry standards all to make your bike ride smoother, go faster and last longer.

Easton's passion for victory and performance has changed the face of cycling, and the company's game-changing innovations are too numerous to count. Today Easton Cycling is the leader in composite design, engineering and manufacturing for the bicycle industry. They deliver a full range of carbon and aluminium wheelsets as well as a market leading range of components which have helped riders gain yellow jerseys and smash PB's around the globe.

Their wide and diverse product line is a celebration of cycling, with ground breaking innovations as well as products that offer best-in-class value. Through our advanced mix of materials and clever proprietary designs Easton are able to create wheels and components that not only win the weight contests, but also outperform the competition in ride quality and durability.

We offer, stock, supply and service the full Easton Cycling product line-up and thanks to our trained in-house team you can be sure of a high level of back-up and after sales services.

Evil Bikes

Evil Bikes is an idea that has been a long time in the making. We are a family of riders, designers, and engineers gathering from a variety of action sports backgrounds. The sport of mountain biking and the desire to do something different is what we share in common. Drawing from out of industry inspiration and experience, Evil hopes to bring a youthful feel and creative look to the mountain bike industry. We are headed by people who ride, influenced by design, all with the goal to make the best bikes on the market.


EVOC was founded after years of global travel to destinations far and wide. Always in search of the perfect trail or the perfect decent - always in need of bags and backpacks that would endure this permanent strain and still offer the required features EVOC was born.

With the ongoing search for deeper powder and as EVOC's founders went deeper and further away from the popular mountain bike passes the demands and need for higher performing luggage and packs was needed. Cycling the Himalaya to Mt Everest, Snowboarding the Arctic Circle or riding jungle downhill's in Cambodia - there was never a lack of good trails or incredible powder lines, however, the bags they tested never fulfilled their needs. This meant only one answer and that was to design and manufacturing products which fulfilled our requirements ourselves.


Formula Brakes, championship winning motorbike disc brakes transferred to their pedal powered counterparts.

Formula was established in 1987 in Prato Italy with the objective of manufacturing high-end motorcycle disc brakes. In 1993 the forward thinking staff at Formula started developing and producing mountain bike specific disc brakes to fuel their appetite for the development of everything two wheeled. Using the knowledge gained from producing championship winning motorbike disc brakes, coupled with Formulas passion, the company were the first to successfully design, produce and distribute disc brakes for the MTB market.

All Formula products are designed, assembled and shipped to countries and riders the world over from Prato in Italy. A recent move to a larger multi-floored facility has increased Formulas production capabilities and brought all of Formulas departments back under one roof. Formula has built its business on their high levels of performance and product quality which has won them fans the world over, and cemented them as leaders in the market.

Mondraker Bikes

Mondraker was born in 2001 in Alicante on the coast of Spain. Riders were starting to push their own personal limits as well as the limits of their equipment. Created by riders who loved to go big and ride hard every day.

One of the priorities of Mondraker is to provide the best technology and the highest quality product possible at all levels. 2013 sees the introduction of Forward Geometry a concept which has made the cycle industry sit up and take note.

Couple this with Mondraker's own Stealth tubing and the Zero Suspension System and you can see why the 2013 line-up is proving to be so popular.

Mondraker are commitment to the enjoyment of mountain biking at all levels and proof that you are what you ride.


In 1989, roommates Bruce Fina and Andrew Herrick founded the Pedro's brand around a revolutionary chain lube called "Syn Lube” developed by Bruce's tribologist brother a few years earlier. Friends of Bruce and Andrew's were living and racing mountain bikes in the Pacific Northwest and couldn't find a lube that would last an entire race in the muddy conditions. The other Teflon based chain lubes couldn't handle the mud, but Syn Lube quickly became the lube of choice due to its unique combination of synthetic oil, staying power and detergent ingredients. Once mountain bikers tried Syn Lube and experienced its performance word spread, demand skyrocketed and the Pedro's brand was officially off to the races!

With the mountain bike boom of the 90's, the New England based Pedro's brand grew quickly introducing Syn Grease, Syn Lube Road, Bio Degreaser, Bike Lust polish, Extra Dry lube, Oranj Peelz degreaser and a small line of accessories made from recycled plastics including the iconic Milk levers, Milk cage and grips. By 2000, Pedro's added a complete line of professional grade tools uniquely positioning itself as a complete bicycle care brand. The additional products further supported their grassroots program and Pedro's supported as many as 375 grassroots riders and 60 events each year.
Today, their small team proudly carries on the Pedro's traditions of customer focus and easy-going attitude while continuing to provide innovative, unique and high quality cleaners, lubricants, tools and accessories that are safe for you, your family and the environment.
Pedro's – Enjoying the Ride Since 1989

Race Face

Race Face are at the pinnacle of mountain bike components manufacturing, with an unrelenting drive to design the world's strongest, lightest and sexiest components. Their rider inspired designs shine through the rest of the bunch giving your bike the pimp factor no other brand can quite grasp. With a range of hardgoods, softgoods and also armour the Canadian brand is still leading the charge.

Founded in 1991 and only a short drive from the famous North Shore Mountains, Race Face designs and tests its line of high performance products to excel in the world's most abusive riding environment. Our component line spans seven product categories, six component families and is sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

2013 sees the introduction of more clothing and an expanded line of armour as well as new colours and high performance products.


REVL products have a stated mission of being free from compromise. All Revl products must adhere to their strict standards and be as light as possible, deliver absolute performance, and have an industry leading array of features.

These are the guidelines Revl have set themselves and work to daily as they push the boundaries and work to produce product which are both aesthetically pleasing as they are in performance.
Their current caliper brakes have graced the front of Amore e Vita Pro Cycling Team bikes and are constructed from carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium making them true performance jewelry.

SDG Saddles

SDG produce saddles to suit every terrain from road to downhill, park to freeride. SDG's designs have become synonymous with comfort and durability and are available in a huge range of styles to suit every rider's taste regardless of how wild (or conservative) that may be.

SDG are now changing the shape of saddle technology by offering a full range of I-Beam saddles and posts alongside their traditionally railed designs: the I Beam system offers lighter weight and greater strength and durability, with a wider range of adjustment to suit every conceivable frame design.

Skratch Labs

At Skratch Labs their mission is to provide people with the inspiration, life skills, and products to take better care of themselves and their families.

It's a mission based on the understanding that taking care of oneself and those we love isn't always easy. But that's okay, because the way we see it, there's nothing more satisfying and grounding than putting in the time, care, and effort to solve life's challenges.

This perspective – solving problems and delaying gratification without losing sight of the present – is at the heart of the community events, blogs, cookbooks, and all-natural nutrition products that makes up the sometimes hard to define mishmash of activity at Skratch Labs.

Like most things in life, they're figuring it out as they go. That said, a few things are clear – that food and drink are better when made from scratch and no matter where they find themselves in life, it's never too late to start from scratch.

Sock Guy

The San Diego-based company provides specialty socks that feature superior comfort, cool designs, and extreme durability dubbed the most comfortable socks you'll ever wear.

Every year SockGuy introduce even more exciting designs, updating their top-selling favourites for a line of socks loaded with fun, function, and fashion.

SockGuy offers a great 'bolt-on' sale and has the potential to increase every purchase made at your tills.


Founded in Spain over 13 years ago, Spiuk was the creative idea of three passionate friends who were driven by a desire to design and manufacture the ultimate in premium performance products.

Since that day their products have gone on to be worn by many of the worlds' highest performing athletes including Tour de France stage winners, World road race champions and multiple Ironman winners and competitors. in 2012 Spiuk was used to win two Olympic gold medals in both MTB and Triathlon further proving the products high performance.

The multi-discipline product range offered by Spiuk is unmatched by any other brands on the market today. The range consists of everything from pre and post competition body oils through to helmets, shoes and eye wear as well as a complete softgoods wardrobe for almost every cyclist in almost every discipline.


Fresh from the tarmac of California comes Supacaz. The brainchild of Anthony Sinyard, who after spending years working for his father has taken on his own challenge and his own brand. Bright, brash and in your face, Supacaz are all about comfort and control with a range of products designed to help join you with your pride and joy. With an edgy, punky feel and a passion for cycling which is spreading throughout the industry, the company is driven by a passion for all things on two wheels as they spearhead the movement of young, dynamic cycling brands currently sweeping the industry. Supacaz (which stands for Super Casual) like things to stand out and also perform but don't worry, Supacaz don't just offer Rasta bar tape and neon grips. If you want to benefit from all of their technology, thinking and design in a more subtle offering, then there's always the black option.

Turner Bikes

This is not just another bike. This is about mountain biking and the commitment we've made to you and our sport. Turner Bikes is proud to be the bike you grab when you head out for a ride, and this is a commitment we do not take lightly. For us there is no off season as we are dedicated to designing superior mountain bikes year 'round. This year we are bringing a full line of progressive advancements like no other brand has ever offered. If mountain biking is about pushing physical limits, then obsessing with suspension ratios, ergonomic design and FEA modeling are pushing the limits of mountain bike design. This is what we do.

Yeti Cycles

Yeti Cycles was established in 1985 before mountain biking was even considered an industry. Back then, mountain biking was all about getting outside, having fun, and going fast. As more people discovered the thrill of riding mountain bikes, they also discovered the thrill of competition. Riding was fun, but it was really fun when you beat your buddy to the top of the hill. It was in that vein that mountain bike racing took shape.

When racing hit its stride in Southern California, yeti quickly found a cult-like following among the fastest racers in the country. Racers became the backbone of product development efforts and soon the factory was outpacing the biggest companies with cutting-edge race specific designs.

Since the early days of Yeti Cycles the brand has been driven to produce the best products for riders and racers the World over. Innovation and cutting edge design is still at the heart of the company as is their passion for racing with their full World Cup level team competing all over the world and adding more titles and medals to the ever growing cabinets. Their cult following has turned into an organised group of fans called the Yeti Tribe who regularly meet to talk about all things Yeti and people take pride in riding the iconic brand.

Yeti's goal is simple. They want to make bikes that are well engineered and masterfully crafted. They are still the same company they were back in the day. Small, passionate, independent and proud.

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