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The UK's leading lightweight cycle distributor. We strive to bring together a range or premium brands with excellent commercial value and provide the best service and support possible to our stockists.

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Italian Engineered Cycle Components
Racing, Design & 50 Years of Heritage

3T was originally called Tecnologia del Tubo Torinese (Turin Tube Technology), taking its name from the city of Turin, where it was founded in 1961 by Mario Dedioniggi.

Dedioniggi was a talented engineer. Clever at manipulating and bending steel tubes, he was taken on as a young man by the Ambrosio concern (which continues to this day). There, he learned to fashion the bars and stems desired by racing cyclists. The resurgence of cycle sport in the 1950s drove demand for top-quality racing equipment, and the ambitious Dedioniggi spotted his opportunity.

A half-century later, the tradition lives on. 3T goes from strength to strength, with victories in road, track and triathlon races, awards for design, and an enduring name for excellence.


Alpinestars have been developing cutting edge technology to protect athletes for years. They have taken all of that knowledge, technology and insight and applied it to the unique conditions, physics and biomechanics of cycling to produce the most advanced MTB apparel available. The Alpinestars MTB range of protection and apparel draws inspiration from our five decades' worth of off-road experience. As cycling evolves, the MTB discipline becomes more and more challenging and aggressive. The bikes and athletes are getting faster; the descents are getting steeper and the gaps bigger. Man and machine are intertwined in a cyclical dual of one-upmanship. For half a century, Alpinestars has been committed to creating apparel that is tested and trusted by a deep roster of World Class MTB athletes who relentlessly challenge themselves, their machines and the mountains that beckon them.

Argon 18

Gervais Rioux, 150 career wins in North America and Europe

In buying a Montreal bike shop at the close of his racing career, Gervais chose to put his vision of cycling to work in serving his customers. Thanks to this vision, the shop became an eastern Canadian authority in matters of road cycling and bike fit. More than 2000 bike fitting sessions took place in the store between 1990 and 1999. Alongside these developments, the house brand bike, the Argon 18, began attracting increasing attention everywhere in Canada, for its impeccable handling, quality fabrication and refined, detailed finish. Since then Argon 18 has acheived great success. In 2006 an Argon 18 E-80 won triple world champion honors thanks to the considerable athletic talents of Canadian Samantha McGlone (Ironman 70.3) as well as Torbjorn Sindballe and Bella Comerford (LD Triathlon World Championships). Argon 18 continue to race and win with the worlds top athletes to push developments and always be at the cutting edge of bicycle design.


From their immaculately designed offices set in the beautiful Birzman compound, the 15 strong design team are surrounded by nature, and it is no surprise that nature so often provides the inspiration for their award winning tool designs. Witness the Zacoo pump inspired by a tree trunk, the Dragonfly chain tool, and the Feexman multi tool both as light as a feather but when unfurled, delivers a bewildering array of tool options. The design process is paramount, and Birzman's designers are expert at identifying a cycling problem, brainstorming a solution, and then setting about delivering that solution in the most simple, functional and useful way possible.


Italian Groupsets and Drive-Train Components

Campagnolo stands for the very pinnacle of cycling at competition level. When victory depends on details, distinctions are hardly perceptible. For over 75 years Campagnolo has created the details with which new champions make the difference.


German Road, MTB, Touring and Commuter Tyres

More than 100 years experience in the development and production of bicycle tyres has made Continental a unique company within the industry. Continental is the only German bicycle tyre manufacturer to produce its tyres in Germany. Knowing this serves as a mighty incentive to our engineers and everyone else involved in the manufacturing process to constantly strive for further innovations. In our technology and development center in Korbach, we are constantly developing new revolutionary technologies such as the unbeatable Black Chili Compound and the ultimate Vectran™ Breaker anti-puncture technology, both used at the top end of race sport. These technologies demand sophisticated processes to ensure our legendary end-product quality, and these innovations as well as the new "ProTection” and ”RaceSport” technology for MTB tyres, can only be manufactured in our factory in Germany – "Handmade in Germany”. In order to offer the best tyre for any application, we rely equally on dialogue with our professional racers, hobby cyclists and everyday bike riders.

This results not only in high-end products for top sports applications such as the new Podium TT or the revolutionary downhill tyre "Der Kaiser”, but also tyres for everyday use like the new innovative combination EcoContact/EcoContact Plus as a companion to the latest e-bike trend. As a global player, Continental also maintains high-tech production facilities outside of Germany, where Continental tyres are produced for you with an equal degree of care and dedication. One thing all Continental bicycle tyres have in common is that they are developed in the technology center in Korbach, Germany, where they also undergo strict inspection. Our heart and soul is behind the phrase "Handmade in Germany”, with all of its products and technologies.

Have fun experiencing the new Continental products!

Cyclus Tools



Italian Hand-Crafted Artisan Frames and Bicycles
About De Rosa
De Rosa has been producing some of the finest examples of hand built frames from it's workshop in Milan since 1953. The Small company is proud of its ability to construct racing frames in all four frame materials: steel, titanium, aluminium and carbon and has over the years supplied numerous pros including the famous Eddy Merckx. Every De Rosa really is something very special and many cyclists spend their entire riding careers longing to own one.


Deuter â€" The Perfect Fit

Choosing a backpack is far more than colour, price and pockets.

We tend not to consider how well a pack fits or carries a load, how comfortable it will feel after a long day on the Trail or how long it is going to last.

Thankfully these factors have all been at the forefront of the design, specification and manufacture of Deuter packs since 1898 they truly are THE backpack specialists.

At Core Bike 2017 we will be showing the New Bike One, Race, Transalpine and accessories along with the perennial favourites â€" Speedlite and Compact Series’.

Call by for a range presentation and find out


Technically Advanced Italian Wheelsets and Cranks
There is a huge Italian tradition of cycle engineering excellence and Fulcrum was born from the very heart of it. Competition testing with world level athletes and the expertise Fuclrum's engineers possess means Fulcrum have become known for developing unsurpassed products with excellent performance, durability and market leading innovation.


Some people ride bicycles for commuting, some for sports. Other people ride to explore the world and absorb their surroundings. No matter the reason for choosing to cycle, riders always look for refined, unique, and stylish gadgets to improve the joy of biking and to make it safer.

Our team has a simple goal - design durable gear that makes cycling fun, safe, and stylish. Biking in the mountains, riding around town, and daily training after work; like you, we enjoy all aspects of cycling. We enjoy the speed, the challenge of long distance rides, the freedom and sense of accomplishment from an overnight adventure, and the convenience of commuting.Whatever the riding style or conditions, we design our products to support our journey with safety and style. We design our products from our experience.

Today, GUEE [pronounced gooey] offers a full range of bicycle lighting and gadgets and although the GUEE team has expanded, we are still a small business at heart with a core of cycling enthusiasts. We bring this enthusiasm to our work of designing, developing and bringing new innovative cycling products to you.



Italian Shoe, Clothing and Optics Specialists
Northwave are not only renowned for world class cycling shoes but also produce technically advanced and stylish apparel to rival the very best. Northwave cycle clothing is distinctively designed with passion and Italian flair using the very finest performance fabrics. With styles and cuts to suit all disciplines, be cool and stylish in your Northwave and stand out from the crowd.



American Made High-Performance Pedals
We think and act with one goal in mind – make the world's best pedal systems. By embracing a non- traditional approach to product development, we keep an eye on the future by giving every idea a chance. In fact, some of the biggest breakthroughs in pedal design have come from our drawing boards. The end result – an exceptional line of pedals reflective of the shared passion cyclists have for the sport.

We obsess over every detail, every individual part, and every bit of rider feedback. And through our partnership with the sport's top professional teams, that feedback comes from the most demanding riders in the world, after thousands of miles, under the harshest conditions.

While you may never win the Tour de France, the Giro d'Italia, the Olympics, the World Road and Time Trial Championships, Paris-Roubaix, or the Hawaii Ironman World Championship, riders using Speedplay pedals have. And though we can't hide the satisfaction of winning the world's biggest races, our ultimate challenge is to satisfy the daily demands of riders just like you.


Manufactured in America; The Benchmark For Stems, Clamps and Seatposts
The best there is, and few would argue. There is no better stem or post for your bike than a Thomson. When Thomson claim their stems and seatposts are the strongest available, it's no idle boast. Thomson test like no other manufacturer. They know their products are 40% stronger than their competitors. You can be sure of a Thomson.


Lightweight Carbon, Titanium, Ceramic, and Alloy Components
Token Products have entered into the new design dynamic that only carbon fiber can bring to the cycling industry.

Token are proud to announce that they have been appointed the official wheel sponsor to some of the world's best triathletes. Token are the official wheel sponsor for the number 1 Triathlon team in the world - Team TBB are considered the world's number one triathlon team and these athletes did more than 220 races worldwide in 2010. In 2009 these top athletes had many wins and podium placings and numerous top 5 finishes against the best athletes in the world.


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