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Chicken CycleKit are a leading distributor specialising in high-end European road products. With a portfolio of 26 prestigious brands, Chicken CycleKit return to CORE with a display of the latest products from leading brands and information on 2016 buy-in packages focused on giving the best service to IBDs.

Website: www.chickencycles.co.uk

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Chicken CycleKit Brands


To celebrate 80 years of cycling history Campagnolo has revisited some of its most emblematic products and created a functional representation of what the brand was, is and will continue to be in the future. Campagnolo has reinterpreted perhaps its greatest contribution to cycling, the mechanical transmission. Through years of continuous innovation and numerous evolutions the Campagnolo groupset has accompanied many of the most important athletes in cycling history to prestigious victories. Campagnolo has also made fast bikes faster and feared athletes more fearsome through its' production of some of the highest performance wheels and hubs ever ridden. To celebrate the contributions of Campagnolo to cycling, the iconic Italian company has taken its' top mechanical groupset and wheelset and added revolutionary cutting-edge treatments to create the unique looking 80th Anniversary collection of special edition components. It is elegant enough to represent the prestige of Campagnolo's history yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of competition. New finishing techniques such as humid-state micro-sanding of carbon fibre parts, new opaque finishing procedures on aluminum parts and new treatments for often overlooked technical pieces - these will resist the test of time and use. Even the celebratory logo resists even the harshest and most aggressive cleaning agents.

The first to bring an 11 speed electronic system to market, Campagnolo EPS has asserted its resurgence at the top of the road racing market. The internationally recognised Super Record, Record and Chorus EPS groups have led to a big demand from current Pro Tour riders, triathletes, former racers and new converts to road cycling.


The soul of cycling since 1919. Cinelli have great new bikes, Components and clothing for 2012. The Ram 3 bar and stem combo compliments the amazing range.

Cinelli was established in 1919 and Cinelli frames and racing bikes are legendary in racing history. Way ahead of the field in design terms throughout the 80's and 90's, Cinelli has re-emerged as an unequalled maker of specialist bicycles. Cinelli has always treated design by its own definition of shape, technique, creativity, function, uniqueness and know-how. You can always tell a Cinelli - its style is inimitable. Cinelli have won 28 Gold Medals in various Olympic Games and World Championships. Their reputation extends far beyond the cycle industry because their values are different and because cycling is such an important part of their Italian life. Cinelli undoubtedly fits all the criteria of racing. Their niche Bootleg brand comprises highly desirable street bikes, originally conceived from a trend in Italy where top-end bikes were covered in black tape to disguise their value.

With margins of 34%, SRPs start at the Experience with Shimano Sora at £979.99. As with all Chicken build-ups Campagnolo, Miche, Selle Italia, SKS and Vittoria parts are used as standard fit. The Cinelli Bootleg range includes the Racing Rats and Mystic Rats single speed bikes in black and white.


Working as both a deterrent and a means of identification, OE and after-market packs make bikes 60% less likely to be stolen.
The state-of-the-art transponders read by over 3500 police Datatag scanners at the roadside are highly recommended by 2 insurance companies.

Deda Elementi

We are delighted to be representing the DEDA ELEMENTI components and DEDA STRADA range of bikes and frames.

Deda Elementi is a point of view... a state of mind.
In a world becoming more and more banal and conventional, Deda Elementi clearly asserts its own way of thinking about and designing components for competition bicycles.
Whether you step out from your home to participate in Milano-Sanremo, or just to go for a ride with your friends, Deda Elementi produces handlebars, stems and other components for your bicycle with exactly the same care and passion.
We take components seriously, and we put the very same experience and engineering into the components for champions like Lance Armstrong, Jan Ulrich, Paolo Bettini, as we do for the most important bike in the world: yours.
Within the Deda Elementi product line is the full experience of people who, for the past ten years, have worked every day, side by side, with professional riders and mechanics from the most successful teams in the world.
You find advanced materials, innovative design, time-tested shapes, all the integrity and heritage of a company that provides answers to the demands of winners.

Lighter, stronger, more victorious.


Jet Black Cycling is a relative newcomer to the international scene and has made an important contribution to the design of modern day turbo trainers with a calibrated Fluid Resistance head and new, heavier flywheel design. Supplied fully assembled with folding frames for ease of storage or travel. Winners of the IF International Forum Product Design Award they offer rock solid stability for the toughest rider and a back-up service in spares parts and accessories. Based in Australia Jet Black works with top racing cyclists to design and develop cycle equipment and accessories. These include a range of bike racks for cars, sun glasses, bags and transport bags for bikes.


KMC is a Taiwanese manufacturer, founded in 1977 currently producing 110 million bicycle chains worldwide. Continuous R & D and valuable feedback from the top pro racers have led to the industry's top Design Awards. KMC is the second largest selling bike chain brand in the UK. It has the finest range of bike chains in the world. Within the space of just 4 years it has succeeded in producing not only a chain for every user but also a chain of unequalled quality in every riding discipline. KMC makes chain for famous brand names, making it the No.1 choice for all quality bike manufacturers.

LAS Helmets

LAS is best known as the easy-fit, made in Italy, helmet. The 40th Anniversary was celebrated with the production of the Limited Edition, top-end Victory model. This helmet, as well as other Victory models, also the Squalo and the Anubi are the most comfortable helmets available and have received several accolades in the press. Now part of the Briko group, LAS offers all number of special features like a one hand roller adjustment to open or close the interior size as well as front / rear tilt. Summer and winter interior pads can be exchanged, chin-straps washed and all number of spare parts are available. All safety standards are comfortably exceeded.


Miche started life 90 years ago when Ferdinando Michelin started to make component parts. He agreed with the French tyre producer to change his company's name to Miche. Today it is still family owned. Throughout its history Miche has worked closely with Italian pro and amateur riders. This test-bench has formed an integral part of the success of the company that offers not only high-end but also mid-range parts for amateur riders. By using CAD/Cam design and robots, albeit with a passionate human engineering knowledge, Miche produces an exceptionally large range of different products across a wide spectrum of prices. Its' large scale wheel production which is also in Italy is complemented by the manufacture of hubs, cassettes, chainsets, brakes and other components.


Like Tulio Campagnolo and others, the origins of Moa and Nalini clothing go back to the racing days of cycling professional Vincenzo Mantovani, silver medallist at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Today one of his sons, Claudio, overseas the production.

Nalini is one of the few firms still producing all their clothing in Italy. It's a big business employing a few hundred people. The machine room and other departments are full of old timers, who have spent their working life in this famous factory, just outside Mantova. The warehouse is a treasure trove, holding the history of cycling since the '70s when champions with no branding on their chest raced in the finest wool and silk garments. There was no sponsorship 40 years ago, just a little Nalini label. Slowly things changed. Some of the leading riders - Guimard, Moser, Bugno, Fignon, Ullrich and Indurain only wore Moa or Nalini clothing. They were followed by Di Luca, Friere, Valverde, Contador, Kloden and Cavendish in more recent times. It is a bespoke tailored business when it comes to pro riders - all their garment pieces are cut by hand.


This is the new branding of the Rigida group, offering both Road and MTB rims. Designed by Filip Da Silva the ex Downhill world champion – they are robust and eye catching. Come and see the range!


Founded in 1918, Sapim has been producing spokes and nipples of the highest quality for over 80 years. By listening to the needs and wishes of our customers, whether professional or amateur, our products are tailored to meet their requirements. Only materials of the highest possible standard are used.

"Sapim's strength comes from the expertise and commitment of its employees, some have been with the company for over 30 years! They bring a passion to their work, producing the best possible spokes and nipples for our customers. As a long established company, built on solid foundations, Sapim is dynamic and innovative, but reliable. We actively support professional and amateur bicycle racing in its many forms and are constantly evaluating how our products perform under the most extreme pressures.

For years, Sapim has been among the leaders in spoke and nipple production and our continued success is due to rigorous levels of quality control, innovative products, and solid pricing structure.

Selle Italia

Celebrating 110 years of saddle manufacture, the new ranges have enjoyed large-scale increases in sales.

The history of Selle Italia is made of victories... dreamed, followed and achieved.

For Selle Italia tradition is 115 years (1897-2012) of achievement and an industrial and sport adventure lived day by day with the same undying passion. Innovate or remain faithful to tradition.

Selle Italia is a pioneer in the creation of technological innovations specifically designed for the male and the female anatomy; it introduced the use of gel and has achieved otherwise unthinkable levels of
lightweight and comfort, setting new standards in bicycle saddle aesthetics. But above all, it has turned the saddle from a mere component of the bicycle into a factor of well-being for the rider, ultimately making it a cult object for athletes.

Just as it was 100 years ago manual skills and technology, tradition and research are the hallmarks of Selle Italia Made in Italy an emblem recognised throughout the world.

Specialites TA

SPECIALITES T.A.'s manufacturing is specialised in development of high quality bicycle chainrings for road, MTB and track…

Their highly technical skills are the basic values for SPECIALITES T.A. from its origin.

The creation of an aluminium chainring was the first important innovation for SPECIALITES T.A. Then came the bottle top teat patent, which was a revolution at that time and is now an industry standard.

Then, SPECIALITES T.A. goes on innovation and shows new products every year in every Cycle show room. Recently the "Squale” chainring with invisible fixing received from the cycling press, an award for the most innovating article.

The big words for SPECIALITES T.A. are: innovation, quality, accuracy, availability with a good quality/price ratio.

These qualities are worldwide known as SPECIALITES T.A. exports about 80% of its turnover.

SPECIALITES T.A. managed by the third generation, is proud to be a family business which goes on produce in France.


Sportourer are the sister company of popular saddle brand Selle Italia. Their range covers the city/trekking market offering comfortable saddles at competitive prices. The brand have a very environmentally-friendly image, the gel padding is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable. So much work has gone into the production of the saddles, reducing the carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. The materials used are made from castor oil which comes from the castor bean. Castor beans can grow in deserted areas and require very little water to sustain growth. Castor beans are also not edible, the brand have put so much effort in to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible. Even the packaging is made of recycled materials.


Tifosi's much acclaimed build quality and design, combined with market beating prices, have established an enviable reputation for value. From its conception in 2000 through to 2006, alloy bike frames were highly respected and Tifosi held a special place in many hearts. Of greatest relevance continues to be the price tag of most models. Retailing at under £1000 most Tifosi bikes qualify for the benefit of the government Ride to Work scheme. It is a Chicken CycleKit brand, patented throughout Europe, assembled in Britain. Most of the parts that are fitted to Tifosi bikes are of European origin - Campagnolo and Miche group sets and wheels, KMC chains, Deda Elementi and Cinelli handlebars and stems, Selle Italia saddles and Vittoria tyres. It is a bike range that offers the ultimate customised option. You can have whatever crank length you want. You can choose a different set of forks or wheels to the standard. There are size options on bars and stems sizes as well as colour choices. Shimano groupsets are also offered as an option with many models.


Highly rated and inexpensive range of cables and wires for replacement sale and workshop use. Basic individual packs, specific Shimano, Campagnolo and Sram specific substitutes as well as a choice of three Teflon coated / watertight up-market kits costing £16.99 or less at retail.


Velox is a French company that has been established for over 100 years. Producing, amongst other things, a range of high quality cotton rim tapes reinforced with polyester and available in a range of widths, in either workshop rolls or retail packaging.

Tubasti tub glues and Jantex tub tapes are also superior quality and essential for any wheel builder.


After a successful career in cycling Frans Verbeeck, founder of Vermarc, started producing cycling clothing form his garage. Realising this was impractical and unhealthy, Frans quickly looked for new ways to make clothing. It was then he went to Italy and found the sublimation technique. He brought this back to Belgium, and in cooperation with the University of Leuven Frans developed his own production process. Nowadays this technique has reached such a high level, that Vermarc are considered trendsetters in modern cloth printing.

Today, a large amount of professional cycling teams choose Vermarc over many other brands. Teams such as Omega Pharma – QuickStep, Crelan-Euphony, Topsort Vlaanderen-Mercator and MTN Qhubeka. As well as pro clothing, Vermarc offers an excellent range in custom clothing, with around 400 individual designs leaving Belgium each year.


Founded in 1953 at Madrone in Italy, the company employs more than 1000 people today in Italy, Thailand and N. America. 5 million bike tyres, 700,000 tubulars, 1.5 million butyl tubes and 350,000 latex tubes are produced in a factory 24/7. In spite of such mass production there is a degree of hand craftsmanship form the Corsa CX tub down to the Zaffiro clincher. Handmade in Thailand is printed on all Vittoria tyres. Winners of all the most important races in the world – on more than one occasion. Champions like Moser, Hinault, Bugno, Pantani, Bartoli, Meuseeuw, Ullrich, Cipollini, Armstrong, Petacchi, Basso, Cunego, Cancellara and Di Luca have all raced and won on Vittoria products. Current Pro Tour teams riding Vittoria are Cofidis, Liquigas, CSC, Lampre Euskaltel and Rabobank. There can be no finer recommendation.

The casing technology is the secret of Vittoria's outstanding quality. The greater the number of threads contained in the casing, the less rubber is needed to fill the gaps. This means less weight and more comfort. Rolling resistance is also decreased.

Apart from tubular, track and road models, Vittoria offers a very comprehensive range of city/trekking and randonneur models. All have puncture protection.


In 1900 a French company called Etablissements Edward Morin started to manufacture bicycles components under several brands, including Zefal. They specialized in frame and foot pumps, and were quickly recognized as significant innovators in the market. In the 60's, Zefal started to export 75% of their production which led to them expanding their range. Zefal now are best known for high quality mudguards, locks and bicycle maintenance products.

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