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2pure's Core Purpose is "to build business by adding value in ways which improve the experience of all participants in every interaction". So come round for a chat and say hello.

Website: www.2pure.co.uk

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2pure Brands

Black Mamba

Black Mamba Gloves are designed and manufactured for industrial applications where standard disposable gloves are unable to provide the resilience and performance demanded by the toughest of jobs. Black Mamba gloves work as hard as you do.
Your hands are your business's most valuable assets; ensure that you protect them using the industry's leading disposable glove that offers three times the puncture resistance and superior chemical resistance over Latex and Vinyl disposable gloves.
Black Mamba's Grip Rite textured surface has a secure and tactile grip whilst providing sensitivity for delicate, precise, tasks.
Black Mamba's unique compound and manufacturing process makes them the leading disposable Nitrile® gloves on the market.


Clarks Cycle Systems are a leading supplier of components and accessories to the bicycle industry worldwide, with a diverse range of aftermarket and OE products.

Clarks Cycle Systems have been striving to deliver quality products for over 60 years. They are dedicated to innovation in materials and design, underpinned by the ever changing face of the cycle industry. Their vast experience and pedigree give their customers complete confidence in the right product.


A Classic Cycling Brand with Contemporary Style.
A Winning Past - The Clement brand was founded by Gustave Adolphe Clèment-Bayard, in France and first started manufacturing high quality bicycle tyres in 1878. After World War I, the Clement brand moved to Italy, and this is how most people think of the brand.
Clement tyres were the premiere tyre in competition for decades, and probably more Tour de France and single day "Classics" were won on Clement, but by 1955 they had to decide to vacate the bicycle tyre business.
Despite the dormacy of the brand, there is still a well-known appreciation and respect for the Clement cycling tyre brand. Instantly recognisable with older cyclists the brand was held in high esteem for years, which is why with its retro feel 2Pure jumped at the chance to add Clement tyres to its brand portfolio. With a racing pedigree second to none and with a new modern outlook their tyres definitely do achieve the aim of providing riders with 'the best two wheel experience in the industry'.
Find out more about Clement and their products: clementcycling.com

Eddy Merckx Cycles

When Eddy Merckx stopped racing in 1978, he was just 33 years . He'd done and won everything there was to win, but he wasn't satisfied.
Eddy had always been a perfectionist when it comes to bikes. Even during the years when he cycled in a team, he was often to be found in the workshop testing, checking and making sure his racing bikes were ready to roll.
Eddy is still looking for perfection in whatever he does and that includes making a top performance bike that's safe and secure on the road, no matter what.
At 2Pure we value relationships and look forward to working closely with Rob Beset and his team to achieve their goals for Eddy Merckx.
Find out more about Eddy Merckx and their products: www.eddymerckx.be

Feedback Sports

Feedback Sports was founded in 2004 by Colorado bike racers Doug and Lisa Hudson. Their line of simple and sturdy digital scales quickly became ubiquitous among gram-counting cyclists.
In 2008, Feedback Sports acquired Ultimate Bike Support, a company with a worldwide reputation for designing and manufacturing top quality bicycle repair stands and storage products. Using lightweight, oversized aluminium, high performance composites, and great ideals, Feedback has made their portable repair stands the professional choice throughout the world. You only have to wander through the pits at elite cycling events to see race support crews such as Gary Fisher, Kona, Specialized, Mavic, Shimano, SRAM and of course the 2Pure mechanics, to see who relies on Feedback Sports products everyday.
With a focus on solid engineering, Feedback Sports has always been devoted to making innovative products. The 2014 reviews and testing in the UK press speak for themselves. It's innovation like this and their pursuit of the highest quality that makes Feedback Sports the true market leader in bike support products.
Find out more about Feedback Sports and their products: www.feedbacksports.com

Honey Stinger

Honey Stinger's energy and protein bars, waffles, gels and chews are all natural foods designed for athletes and great for anyone looking for a healthy snack. Honey Stinger is pure natural energy.
Located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, Honey Stinger makes nutritious and great tasting honey-based foods including energy bars, protein bars, energy gels, organic waffles and organic chews.
Find out more about Honey Stinger and their products: www.honeystinger.com/

Ibis Cycles

Ibis was founded in 1981 by Scot ‘Chuck Ibis' Nicol, who cut his teeth with the legendary Marin county stalwarts Joe Breeze and Charlie Cunningham. After a change of hands and some time off, Scot returned to Ibis in 2003 with a new crew consisting of Hans Heim (industry veteran of Specialized, Bontrager & Santa Cruz), Tom Morgan (Giant, Answer & Titec) and Roxy Lo (industrial designer). They have since gone on to create some of the most cutting edge carbon fibre bicycle frames in the world.
2Pure and Ibis share a special bond that is best explained by their President, Tom Morgan. "California and Scotland share many special values, such as the acceptance of men in skirts. This exchange and natural extension of the ties that already exist."
Our relationship has involved more than distribution, with out creative team developing a UK Ibis website and going to redevelop the UK site as well.
Find out more about Ibis Cycles and their products:


A collection of pedals featuring a crisp and smooth feeling interface, vibrant colours, 4 models and 3 spindle lengths. iSSi pedals are iSSi and SPD cleat cross compatible.

Choose iSSi for a high performance pedal that fits your bike and your style.

iSSi Pedals are focused on Independent Bike Dealers (IBD) only.

"To be honest, I didn't think there was a reason to consider anything other than Shimano when looking at SPD-style pedals, but isis's Triple Trails changed my mind" PinkBike


In 2pure's opinion no other trainer brings everything together like Kinetic. From the heavy weight flywheel to the leak proof fluid chambers, every element is calibrated to achieve a single objective; align cyclists with the most natural, road like feeling imaginable.
Find out more about Kinetic and their products: www.kurtkinetic.com

Lizard Skins

Lizard Skins started from one very simple, but highly effective product. Since then, their patented chainstay protector has often been copied, but never bettered. Over time, Lizard Skins have added grips, bar tape, suspension covers, protective gear and BMx kit to its range of products.
Now you can see Lizard Skins everywhere in the industry from bar tape on Tour de France bikes to grips on BMx bikes at the Beijing Olympics.
Lizard Skins takes both development and production very seriously. Products are designed in consultation with their sponsored riders and through this the best selling Peaty Grip, Bubba Harris grip and Aaron Chase grip were born.
Their aim in to "Protect the bike and rider while making the ride more enjoyable." We think they do a pretty nice job.
Find out more about Lizard Skins and their products: www.lizardskins.com


Heart Rate Monitoring with no chest straps.
To eliminate the need for a chest strap MIO use optical sensing (if you are techy – photoplesmographic technology).
In optical sensing, a light is shone onto the skin, allowing the measurement of blood flow through the capillaries and the determination of heart rate. The technology has existed for some years - the heart rate monitor finger clip you may see at the hospital uses it. until now, the technology could not be used on athletes, or anyone moving around, because the clutter of other signals generated by noise from movement would interfere with the readings being captured by the optical sensor. MIO Alpha solves this with a built-in accelerometer to compensate for signal disturbances generated by motion, while noise-filtration software ensures a clear signal is delivered to the Alpha's micro-processor. Optimizing all of these aspects required significant software development, testing and multiple design iterations. The result is a device that achieved a 0.99 correlation with eKG in independent testing at San Francisco State university. MIO Alpha provides continuous, eKG-accurate heart rate readings at running speeds higher than 14 mph.
Find out more about Mio and their products: www.mioglobal.com


The First Company to Produce Technical Lighting Systems Specifically for the Needs of the Cyclist.
In 1989 NiteRider was the first company to produce technical lighting systems that were designed specifically for the needs
of cyclists. Over the years these technical lights have garnered a reputation for innovation and quality that is second to none. That's why you'll see everyone from 24-hour champion Tinker Juarez to the Los Angeles Police Dept. using NiteRider lights to keep riding long after the sun has set.
What sets NiteRider apart from other bike light manufacturers? Most of them will arrive at their lumen output by quoting their LED manufacturers specifications. The problem with this theoretical method is that it does not take in to account light transmission loss, which can often be over 30%. This often leads to a gross overstatement of lumens.
NiteRider do things differently. They meticulously test their lighting systems over and over again then publish the average lumen output. This means the lumens they quote are always measured and never theoretical.
Find out more about NiteRider and their products: www.niterider.com

Paceline Products

Skin Lubricant and Synthetic Chamois Conditioners.
Paceline Products started life in 1993 to develop and market a skin lubricant and synthetic chamois conditioner. The initial goal of the company was to make a non-greasy skin lubricant and chamois cream that would wash out of clothing and off skin with soap and water.
And so, Chamois Butt'r was invented. To begin with it was available to racing cyclists on a very limited basis. In 1997 Chamois Butt'r was introduced to consumers and retailers. The popularity of Chamois Butt'r has been a key part of the success of Paceline Products.
Paceline have two versions of their popular Chamois Butt'r cream - Regular and Eurostyle along with Buh-Bump, a unique, highly conductive electrode cream that allows users of heart rate monitors to achieve accurate and consistent readings at all times. Paceline have also launched Eurostyle Embrocation and Sports Wash for those colder days.


Inspired Design. Class Leading Performance. We Believe It's a Breath of Fresh Air to the Market.
POC is a Swedish company build on a strong mission:
"To do everything we can to possibly save lives and reduce consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about.”
POC is represented across helmets, body armour, gloves, clothing and sunglasses. We were drawn to the brand by its clean, minimal design and bright colours; we believe it's a breath of fresh air to the market. The product itself is just as impressive as the aesthetic. POC involves competencies from different fields, such as engineers, material specialists, industrial and graphic designers, neurologists and back specialists. They never compromise in choosing materials or construction and the end result is a line of lightweight, high performance gear that offers the ultimate protection against injury.
POC and Team Garmin-Sharp have announced a three-year partnership. Beginning in January 2014, POC is the official helmet and eyewear supplier of Team Garmin-Sharp, the American professional cycling team dedicated to ethical sporting and developing the next generation of cycling champions.
Find out more about POC and their products: www.pocsports.com

The Bar Fly

Manufacturers of Market Leading Bar Fly GPS, iPhone and Computer Mounts.
Tate Labs are the manufacturers of the marketing leading Bar Fly GPS, iPhone and Computer mounts.
With more and more riders using electronic products on their bikes, Tate Labs have responded to the consumer demand for innovative solutions to computer mounting problems. Bary Fly are the leading range of products within this category.
All products featured in their range are backed up by a "buy one and you're done" lifetime warranty and crash replacement policy.
Find out more about Tate Labs and the products: www.tatelabs.com


The action camera reinvented. 2pure has been appointed as the sole UK distributor for the exciting new TomTom Bandit Action Cam to the UK cycle, outdoor and snow markets.

The Bandit is a 4K HD action camera with a built-in media server, so users can edit video without having to download it first.

While you record your footage, integrated G-force, speed, rotation, acceleration & altitude sensors record action data. The Bandit uses that data to identify the highlights in your footage, and allows you to show those stats in your final video.

TomTom designed their award winning Bandit app to let you edit hours of action camera footage into an epic video within minutes. Without having to download any of the footage first! That way you save precious time, and memory on your devices.

Immediate and secure mounting, no matter how cold or wet your hands might be; that's what TomTom set out to achieve with the Bandit's mounting mechanism. Just click the action cam to the mounts instantly. Even with gloves on! The GoPro adapter brings this ease to your GoPro mounts as well.

Pair your Bandit Action Cam to the TomTom Bandit app (iOS and Android) to edit hours of footage into an epic video in minutes. You will not need to download any of your footage first, saving you precious time and device memory.


Unior UK Ltd is delighted to announce the appointment of 2pure Ltd as its exclusive distributor of tools to the cycle trade in UK and Ireland, effective as of April 1st 2016.
Stock will be available as of February 1st to coincide with the launch at Core Bike Show in the meantime.
Founded in 1919 and headquartered in Slovenia, Unior has been making high quality hand tools ever since, and can now boast one of the largest ranges of hand tools of any brand.
Based in Edinburgh, 2pure works with a small number of high quality brand partners to provide a full sales, marketing, and distribution service to the cycle, snow, and outdoor trades.
George Bowie, MD and founder of 2pure, said: "Not only does Unior offer the comprehensive range of specialist cycle tools necessary to operate an effective workshop, we are also able to offer all of the general use tools that are equally necessary. From the smallest wrench to the largest workstand, virtually all of the tools are made in Slovenia by Unior, and all are made to the same high standard.”
Paul Whittaker, UK Sales and Marketing Manager commented, "Unior tools can provide everything required for a quick roadside repair job, an enthusiast's home workshop, a pro race team mechanic's kit, and of course a fully equipped dealer service centre.”
"From the lifetime warranty to the extensive range of spare parts, we stand by our products as we know how much a mechanic relies on our tools to get the job done.”
"Unior products also meet internationally recognised standards for performance, safety, and environmental considerations.”
Bruce Fina, International Sales at Unior added, "We are excited by the potential we have to expand the distribution of our European designed and produced tools that we are testing daily with teams such as Etixx Quick Step, Movistar and Trek Factory Racing. We are looking forward to supporting the UK dealer network by partnering with 2pure, starting at the forthcoming Core Bike Show, where there will be an extensive display of the tools and workstands accompanied by some attractive introductory offers and competition”.

Representatives from Unior will be on hand to guide you through the range.
For further information contact: trade@2pure.co.uk

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