Berria bikes sneak UK preview – Ultra Sport at COREbike 23

Alongside the Smith helmet, goggle and sunglass ranges Ultra Sport have some new and exciting products on show.  First, and perhaps most significantly will be Berria bikes. Neil Staples, Sales Director commented “It’s been more than twenty years since we last distributed a bike (K2/ProFlex) but we’ve always had our eyes out for a suitable range.  Now, with Berria, we’re proud to put our efforts behind a bike brand that we really believe in.  I cannot wait to show our customers what an amazing range we have to offer – Road, Mountain, Gravel – eBike – it’s all beautifully spec’d and presented”

Berria’s showing at COREbike is described as a ‘sneak preview’ of what’s to come “This is really a pre-launch viewing as we line up for the 2024 collection.  Understanding the state of the bike market we’re going to move forward softly – slowly – with just a few of the best  retailers at this time.  Selective distribution with carefully managed supply to protect retailer margins is paramount.  We’re not looking to set the world alight but we are looking to set Berria on the road to success” Staples concluded.

Alongside Berria and Smith there is also a host of accessory products.  Eyewear from Pit Viper “You have to see it to believe it”  said fellow Director Thierry Way “You also have to see the sell-thru numbers to believe them.  Every new stockist is really taken by surprise – they cannot believe how well Pit Viper sells – they’re flying out the door”.

Also on display at CORE are some more traditional products from Aleck and Tocsen offering communication and safety technology products.  Finally aluminium drinking bottle, with a unique twist, from Les Artiste and socks from American Socks.

“Hopefully it’s worth sticking your head round the door to take a look” concluded Way.

Ultra Sport can be found at COREbike in rooms S31 AND S32



For further information please contact Gordon Way –

07973 321 104