Exhibitor List

Company Name

Stand Location 

Upgrade Bentleys Room
Windwave Bentleys Room
Hope Reception Area
Extra Grand Prix Suite
Zyro-Fisher Astons Restraunt
Silverfish The Courtyard
Moore Large Silverstone Courtyard
Gore S1
Assos S2
I-ride Melbourne/S27
Hotlines S8- S9
Ison Indianopolis/ Hungaroring
2Pure Monza
Chicken CycleKit Nurbugring
Endura Magny Cours
CSG Catalunya
Oakley S5
Siwis S10
Citrus Lime S11
Magura Monaco
USE Imola

Please note The COREbike show registration is only open to cycle retailers and members of the bike press. For all other registration enquiries please email admin@corebike.com

Pre-registration for this year’s show closes at 10.00am on 18 January 2018