Exhibitor List

Company Name

Stand Location 

Upgrade Bentleys Room
Windwave Bentleys Room
Hope Reception Area
Extra Grand Prix Suite
Zyro-Fisher Astons Restraunt
Silverfish The Courtyard
Moore Large Silverstone Courtyard
Gore S1
Assos S2
I-ride Melbourne/S27
Hotlines S8- S9
Ison Indianopolis/ Hungaroring
2Pure Monza
Chicken CycleKit Nurbugring
Endura Magny Cours
CSG Catalunya
Oakley S5
Siwis S10
Citrus Lime S11
Magura Monaco
USE Imola

Please note The COREbike show is a trade only event, registration is only open to independent cycle retailers and members of the bike press. For all other registration enquiries please email admin@corebike.com