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EXHIBITOR: Paligap //

Paligap – Developing Bicycle Brands Since 2001

Paligap are the exclusive distributor for brands including Powertap, Cycleops, Saris, Stans No Tubes , Fast Forward, Ritchey and Marin Bikes to name but a few.

On display in the Monza room dealers will be able to view the 2015 summer range from new Italian clothing brand Alé and products from Selle San Marco, VDO Computers , Axiom , Challenge Tyres and many more..

Website: www.paligap.cc

Find Paligap at corebike in Monza

Paligap Brands


In 1986 Adams was started around a simple idea: Create great products that make riding a bicycle easier and more fun for the whole family. This idea spawned the Adams Trail-A-Bike, a name that is now synonymous with an entire category of bicycles. Providing an easy solution for getting kids involved in cycling and a safe way to introduce proper riding and traffic habits, the Trail-A-Bike took off.


At the foundations of Alé there is the obsession of Italian craftsmanship. With constant innovation in the production process, materials and design, Alé ensure functionality, comfort and the best of performance for the Cyclist.


AMPLIFI is an action outdoor brand, which has its focus on performance protection, technical backpacks ,bags and accessories.

–verb (used with object)
1. to go large, become better, increase in strength
2. to increase the amplitude of; crank the volume

Axiom Performance Gear

Established in 1988, Axiom was developed around a vision to create innovative, reliable, and affordable cycling components. Along the way Axiom have built a comprehensive offering to help cyclists carry gear, stay dry, improve safety, solve problems and add style.


Biologic are a collection of artists, engineers, programmers and product designers with a passion for developing innovative products. And they love to cycle. The Biologic team is scattered around the world in places like Austin, Texas; Humboldt, California; Turku, Finland; Stuttgart, Germany; and Taipei, Taiwan.


Bryton Incorporated was established by elite consumer electronics product development and marketing professionals. Combining strong R&D and innovative product management teams, they are Bryton's foundation for success. Bryton currently carries a complete line of Sports GPS products to fulfill consumer needs in 4 main sports activities: 1) Cycling, 2) Fitness, 3) Outdoor Adventure and 4) Athletic-Training. We target our product development to redefine sports electronics with GPS applications, improving usability and rich features to keep users interested and motivated.

Challenge Tyres

In 2003 Challengetech created its own brand Challenge Tyres. Challenge, as the word says, wants to point out how difficult and exciting it is to keep the tradition of high quality products, created with obstinacy, with the steady research of special materials and through handcrafted processes.
Since 2000, Challengetech has being producing tubulars for other brands, thanks to the constant use of these products in professional cycling.


‘Craftmade’ is a beautiful word
that is reminiscent of the concept of art.
Since the Renaissance, ‘Italian craftsmanship’
has called to mind the same concept
of absolute quality.

Mario Cipollini


CNP are the premium sports nutrition experts. In just 14 years CNP have revolutionised the way athletes train and perform, and we will continue to use cutting edge sports science, along with the best ingredients so that you get the best sports nutrition used by the worlds best athletes. In 2012 we joined First Milk Group. This allows us unique access to the highest quality British ingredients direct from the source. Since day one we have used our sporting expertise and experience to offer a product with unrivalled performance.


The Power Is In You. And we’re here to help you bring it out. At CycleOps, we realise at the heart of every cyclist is a better cyclist. A better athlete. A better and faster you. At some level, all of us have it: that extra something inside, that extra gear. Perhaps you’ve experienced it on the occasional, magical day, where you realized an unusual amount of strength or endurance. Or perhaps you’ve not yet made its acquaintance, or haven’t had an encounter in some time. Either way, it’s there, inside you. And chances are there’s a lot more than you realise.


Diamant is a leading company in sport's footwear since 1978. Design and Technology are the main goals of the company which has progressively increased it's size over the years and has become a new reality currently employing approximately 1200 employees. Diamant finds its origins in the cycling field but it has been able to enlarge its productions over different fields including Football and Outdoor.
Thanks to its experience, Diamant represents the main reference point for engineering and development for Nike, one of the giant companies in the global sportswear field.


Dave Zabriskie had a dream, and that was to provide equality and freedom. Frustrated and suffering in silence from a weak taint, DZ began a quest to improve his situation, and that of his fellow man. Fate intervened when DZ met up with a pharmaceutical scientist who was a mediocre bike racer with the same weakness of taint. The two set out to change the world, oh...Dave had a dream

Fast Forward Wheels

Based in The Netherlands, FFWD Fast Forward are a young high-end brand, specializing in high speed wheels. Carbon only. Period. FFWD's goal is to deliver fast, lightweight and durable wheels to the Road, Cyclocross, Track & Triathlon markets.There primary focus is on outstanding craftsmanship, quality and design.

All spoked wheels are laced and hand built in Holland. Each set of wheels is meticulously put together, trued and released into the world of speed with a unique serial number.

Marin Bikes

Halfway across the Golden Gate Bridge, hundreds of feet above San Francisco Bay, is the southern boundary of a very different place. As you cross that line, you enter a different world, full of open space, quiet roads, and trails with amazing vistas—and far from the rush of city life. As the terrain changes, so too do the people. Life becomes less frenetic, more laid back, and more engaged with time and place. This is Marin County, the birthplace and home of Marin Bikes California.


"Bike cleaning made easy" is the Muc-Off motto! Every product in their range is developed to be the most advanced of its type and to be as fast and effective to use as possible - cleaning is no longer a complex job! Since 1994 the Muc-Off brand has grown from just one cleaner into the UK's number one bicycle maintenance range. This rapid growth has been fuelled by a massive consumer demand which seems to grow with every clean bike!


Portland Design Works fell in love with cycling long ago. Years of fixing flats at the shop, gritting it out at races, braving icy commutes and eating instant noodles led them to a conclusion: this is all we have ever done and all we want to do.

Urban riding is where PDW's passion lies because of how accessible it is. It's riding done in normal clothes right out your front door. PDW began designing products that they as urban riders would want to use. There goal was to make these products beautiful, simple and useful: Portland Design Works (PDW) was born.


Train with power and improve your performance.
Time in the saddle is crucial to improving your performance. Then again, so is sitting in front of the computer tracking and charting your power expenditure instead of checking out the latest cat videos. That's why PowerTap offers you a complete power training system - from power meters to cycling computers to analysis software.


Tom Ritchey is one-of-a-kind. He continues to juggle his duties as president and lead designer of Ritchey, now distributed in over 40 countries, while still logging 10,000 miles a year all over the world. Inspiration often comes to him while out on a ride, generating ideas that he then processes as three-dimensional design images in his head. This is followed by the creation of initial concept models, many of which he creates by fillet brazing pieces or scraps of frame tubing. It all comes naturally to a guy who taught himself to build frames as a teenager, and who designed some of the burgeoning mountain bike industry's first frames and components back in the 1970's. Every year Tom guides Ritchey's R&D efforts in pursuit of both subtle improvements to existing products, or large-scale advances leading to new ones.


Form and Function, Beautifully Fused

Great design balances beauty and functionality. Think of the classic bicycle shape. Think too of the award-winning Saris Bones rack. Born from Italian designer Fabio Pedrini's love of sport and sculpture, it's a work of art to carry your work of art.

Saris are committed to continually advancing the art and science of rack system design. Because they believe a rack should be more than just a vehicle to carry your bike. It should be something that enhances your entire cycling experience.

Selle San Marco

Selle San Marco is a famous and historical handmade saddles italian firm. Based in Rossano Veneto, in northeastern Italy, this small town is famous in the world thanks to the production of racing saddles. Modern saddles, but with a glorious past. Luigi Girardi was the man who made Rossano Veneto the undisputed world capital of saddles by opening Selle San Marco here 75 years ago. No stranger to hard work, having started at an early age in the local spinning mill and as a hand street sweeper, young Girardi in 1935 parlayed a 100-lire loan into a business distributing bicycle accessories.

Stan's No Tubes

Stans No Tubes have made a name for themselves for numerous smart innovations in the bicycle industry. Especially their original tubeless system quickly converting a regular wheelset to tubeless. Their products extend beyond tyre sealant and rim strips to the likes of wheelsets, tubeless rims, rotors and tyres. No-Tubes products are used worldwide from Olympians, and recreational riders seeking the products weight advantage.


Tern are Cyclists. They are a pretty varied collection of personalities but all share the fundamental belief that cycling is central to a healthy sustainable future. So although they use their bikes in different ways — weekend rides with the kids, triathlons, BMX competitions, or every day commuting to work — They all share the same love of cycling.

VDO Computers

VDO computers based in Neustadt have been producing state of the art cyclecomputers since 1999 and currently distribute to over 50 countries.
2007 saw the introduction of the Z series , their first double wireless , fully digital unit with Ant + technology.
VDO continue to be one of the market leaders in cyclecomputing.

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Exciting new product launch at Core 2015.

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